Introducing Flex Recruit

We here at HRAdworks always strive to stay at the forefront of what is available for our clients in the ever-changing world of recruiting. We were tasked with finding a new method of recruiting that was economically feasible for us to create and for our clients to use, as well as effective in making our clients recruitment as easy as possible. Over past months we have worked with people with vast experience in the field of recruitment to make this idea a reality, and what we have made, we are very proud of. As one of our valued clients, we are introducing you to Flex Recruit.


Flex Recruit is traditional recruiting optimized in every way for our clients. It is comprised of a three-tiered system that you can choose from based upon your current need. The first tier is simply posting your job. You can use any of our local job boards in Manitoba, Alberta, or Saskatchewan.


The second tier is our Pay per Candidate option. This was our most popular option in beta tests and the option we believe will be the most widely used. The crux of this tier is that our staffers will post your job on one of our job boards, and as the resumes come in, our staffers will begin the vetting process of the candidates. We then make portfolios with information about the best candidates and pass them along to you.


IMPORTANT: You do not pay for any portfolios you do not want. Each portfolio of the candidates that you do want to interview will then cost $200 (introductory pricing). If you end up hiring one of our referrals, then an additional fee is charged.


The third tier is our Full Recruitment Service. This option is our take on a traditional full service recruitment package. We source, advertise, pre-screen for qualifications, perform in-depth interviews, reference-check our candidates, and provide you with a shortlist. (Introductory pricing)


We also have reached out via mass email out to our over 16,000 registered jobseekers on Through their responses we have amassed an impressive cache of qualified LOCAL candidates. This means we can always provide you with qualified, screened candidates regardless of the amount of people who apply for the position.


The reason we believe in this service is because through the use of our own job boards and systems we already have in place it makes it VERY economically feasible for us and cheaper for our clients to use.


If you want to:

1.       Save money

2.       Reduce your personal workload

3.       Save time


Please contact one of us here at HRAdworks we would love to discuss it further.

Posted on March 28, 2017 .